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In an effort to reduce our restaurant’s carbon footprint we have adopted several environmentally friendly business practices. Our kitchen waste is used as compost, reducing our waste to the landfill. At Bear Tracks, we purchase products made from recycled materials including kitchen mats, take-out containers and paper towels. The neat napkin your server gave you, no bleach. Our toilet paper, also no bleach.

We are buying local foods to reduce transportation costs or scheduling deliveries to coincide with other small businesses to decrease fuel emissions and support other local businesses.

We are proud of our up-to-date water filtration system which gives our customers delicious, cold, drinkable water. Our lighting system has been updated and we are in the process of changing all lights to LED. Of course, we also practice the 3 R’s; reduce, reuse, recycle.

Then there is the infamous straw. We have taken on the skip the Straw challenge. We have found paper straws and biodegradable take-out cutlery we are quite happy with. Hope you enjoy them too.

Thank you for dining with us today and we hope you come again! Like us and leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram.

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