Bear Cub’s Diner Menu

Bear Cub's Diner Lunch & Dinner Menu

607 Pike Bay Rd, Pike Bay, ON.

Kids Menu

For Bear Cubs under 10.
Includes small white or chocolate milk, with ice cream for dessert

Spaghetti with Garlic Stick - $9.95

Fish and Chips - $9.95

Grilled cheese and fries- $9.95

Chicken Fingers and Fries - $9.95

Bite Into The Good Stuff

Breaded Jalapeno and Cheddar Poppers - $9.95

6 Full-flavored cheddar cheese and spicy diced jalapeño in a light breading

Broccoli and Cheddar Bites - $9.95

10 Cheddar cheese with mini broccoli florets, real bacon and sweet onions in a light breading

Battered Mushroom Caps - $9.95

Whole mushrooms dipped in batter served with Ranch

Avocaodo Slices - $8.95

6 Creamy avocado slices under a crunchy layer of  bread crumbs with a hint of lime, cilantro and chile

Mozza Sticks - $8.95

6 cheese sticks covered in Italian seasoning and served with marinara sauce.

Dill Pickle Spears - $8.95

Breaded and fried and served with Ranch dip.

Battered Mac and Cheese Wedges - $8.95

Homestyle mac and cheese stuffed into shareable wedge bites. 10 pieces


Onion Rings - $7.49

Sweet Potato Fries - $6.49

French Fries - SM $5.95 / LG $8.95

Gravy - $1.95


All burgers are 6oz grade A local beef served on a Kaiser baked in-house.

Additional Toppings:
Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup, Relish

Make it a Deluxe:
Add fries and coleslaw to any Burger for an additional $4.95.

The Black Bear - $8.95

Crisp Lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickles.
Add cheese for $1.00

The Grizzly - $9.95

Crisp lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, hot banana peppers, topped with chipotle sauce.

The Polar Bear - $10.95

Cheese, bacon, onion rings drizzled with ranch

The Pizza Burger - $10.95

Topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, pepper a dash of marinara sce and mozza cheese

The Breakfast Burger - $10.95

Need your breakfast fix? Add some bacon, egg and cheese Onion Rings.

We Take Frankfurters Further…

Our ¼ lb hot dogs are 100% pure beef with no fillers, by products or artificial colours.
Try them Loaded or with your choice of toppings.

Haddock - $17.95

A full belly-busting 8 oz fillet! Over half a pound of premium Atlantic Haddock served with golden fries and coleslaw.


All entrees are served with a homemade roll baked in-house or a fresh garlic breadstick.

Haddock - $17.95

A full belly-busting 8 oz fillet! Over half a pound of premium Atlantic Haddock served with golden fries and coleslaw.

Looking for local? Fresh Georgian Bay Whitefish - $24.95

– As available
Fresh from the pristine waters of Georgian Bay you can’t get more local than this! A full lightly seasoned filet grilled to perfection served with choice of potato and vegetables or coleslaw.

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie - $16.95

A creamy, comforting dish just like Mom used to make. A combination of chicken and garden vegetables served in a rich, creamy sauce and topped with a light flaky pastry – with a choice of potato and coleslaw.

Liver & Onions - $17.95

Thinly sliced beef liver smothered in onions, served with choice of potatoes and vegetable or coleslaw.

Chicken Fingers and Fries - $9.95

Love Me Tender strips of chicken breast lightly breaded

Grilled Cheese and Fries - $9.95

Bear Cubs under 10
Includes small white or chocolate milk, with ice cream for dessert.


The Original - Small $8.95 / Large $11.95

Classic poutine served with fresh Quebec cheese curds and thick gravy.

Campfire Chili Poutine - Small $10.95 / Large $13.95

Served up with chili on top and a dollop of sour cream

Poutine Supreme - Small $10.95 / Large $13.95

Our original served with chopped bacon and sour cream with chives.

Dilly Delight Poutine - Small $11.95 / Large $15.95

A dill lovers dream- breaded dill spears, dilled beans, and a wee blast of dilly dip on top

Buffalo Chicken Poutine - Small $11.95 / Large $15.95

Our original served with chopped bacon and sour cream with chives.

Chicken Inferno - Small $11.95 / Large $15.95

It’s a Hot One! Crispy chicken breast, jalapeños, and banana peppers topped with sriracha

Pulled Pork - Small $11.95 / Large $15.95

Our original with naturally smoked pulled pork drizzled with 40 Creek BBQ sauce.


served until 3pm


Mama Bear Breakfast - $9.95

Sandwich Stop!

All sandwich rolls are freshly baked in house daily

Make it a Deluxe:
Add fries and coleslaw to any Sandwich for an additional $4.95

Pulled Pork - $10.95

Naturally smoked with our special sauce served on freshly baked soft Portuguese Roll.

Turkey - $9.95

Real roasted turkey breast served with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a fresh Kaiser.

Philly Cheesesteak - $10.95

Shaved ribeye, grilled green peppers, onions, melted provolone cheese served on a soft Portuguese roll.

Toasted Western - $6.95

Made the traditional way.

B.L.T. - $6.95

Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo on thick Texas toast.

Roast Beef - $9.95

Locally raised beef served warm with lettuce, tomato and tangy bbq sauce on a fresh Kaiser.

Wings and Things

1 lb Chicken Wings - $12.95

Presented in your choice of mild, medium, hot, honey garlic, maple, sweet chili, or 40 Creek BBQ sauce served with blue cheese or ranch dip and carrot and celery sticks.

Small Garden Salad - $6.95

Ask your server for dressing choices

Chili - $7.95

Served sprinkled with cheddar, Texas toast on the side

Baked Mac and cheese - $7.95

Sprinkled with bacon, Texas Toast on the side

Homemade soup of the day - $5.95

Hand Tossed Pizza

Our pizzas are made fresh with our signature crust and homemade sauce, and are sized true, at 12” for a medium and 16” for a large pizza.

Dipping Sauce - $1.25

BBQ, Ranch, Marinara, Creamy Garlic, Cheddar Chipotle

Single Topping - Medium $11.95/ Large $16.95


Three Toppings - Medium $14.95/ Large $19.95


Pepperoni, Mushroom, Bacon.


Ham, Pineapple, Bacon.


Pepperoni, Mushroom, Green Pepper.

Four Topping - Medium $16.95 / Large $21.95

Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage, Ground Beef.


Mushroom, Green Peppers, Onion, Tomato.


Ground Beef, Onion, Tomato, Jalepeno Peppers.

BBQ Chicken

Chicken, Bacon, Onion, 40 Creek BBQ Sauce.

Philly Cheesesteak

Sirloin Philly Steak, Green Pepper, Onion, 40 Creek BBQ Sauce.

We're excited to host you!

Bear Tracks!

Living in such a beautiful place, it’s only natural one would want to protect it. Just one of the reasons we based our business model on eco-friendly practices.

We are always on the search for more ways to minimize our footprint. From energy-efficient equipment, biodegradable take-out wear, to green housekeeping practices, we are proud of our commitment to the environment.

Refreshing Drinks & Fresh Baked Treats!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Homespun Milkshakes - $6.95

Chocolate, French, Vanilla, Strawberry, or Butterscotch.
Premium ice cream with milk and topped with whipped cream.

White or Chocolate Milk - $3.25

Children's White or Chocolate Milk - $1.95

Bottled Water - $2.25

Bottled Pop (ask server for selection) - $3.25

Bottled Juice (ask server for selection) - $3.25

Hot Drinks

Coffee - $2.75

Tea - $2.75

Speciality Tea - $2.95

Hot Chocolate - $3.25


Domestic Beer - $4.95

355ml cans.

• Canadian
• Coors Light
• Budweiser
• Bud Light

Local Craft Beer - $5.95

 473 ml Tall Boys.

Manitoulin Brewing Company
• Cup & Saucer Pale Ale
• Swing Bridge Blonde Ale
• Killarney Cream Ale

Liquor & Liqueurs

1oz Spirits - $5.50

• Smirnoff Vodka
• Crown Royal Rye
• Captain Morgan Rum
• Gordons Gin

Liqueurs - $6.75

Available with coffee, hot chocolate or on the rocks!

• Baileys Irish Cream
• Kahlúa
• Disaronno
• Grand Marnier


Ask server for full selection.

Classic Caesar - $6.75

Coolers - $5.50


6oz Glass - $6.50 / 9oz Glass - $8.50 / Bottle - $25

Pelee Island Wine

• Pino Grigio
• Reisling

• Merlot
• Cabernet Franc


All Desserts are baked in-house -nothing is frozen here. Pies are made with fresh fruit and homemade pastry.

Ask your server for today’s selection!

Homemade Pies

Butter Tarts



Availability, features, and pricing are subject to changes.